Download free or Premium DXF / STL files for CNC business

Welcome to As CNC machine owners we know that very often you need file ASAP to keep your clients and take the order. Very often you don't have a time or ability to design and create files. Especially if you're not designers or not very familiar with design software.

Here you'll able to find many amazing files that will allow you simply upload to your CNC and cut. 


Why do you need Points?

Some of the premium content that you want to download can be downloaded only by points. 

How do points system working?

When you are downloading some of the models take a look at Price (Point) in the details of the file. When you'll download, points will be deducted from your balance.

How many times can I download one file?

Any file downloaded by you can be downloaded again without any point deduction.

 Any Limitation on time?

No. You can buy points once and use them when you wish


10 points

    10 points


Get points

30 points

    30 points


per year


If you'll have any problems with payments please let us know through chat or contact form.

If you want to pay with Paypal or Plastic card then let us know through chat or contact form.


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